Adios, Mariquita Linda


Artie Shaw and his Orchestra : Adios, Mariquita Linda

First published in 1925, ‘Adios, Mariquita Linda’ is a Spanish-flavored song by Marcos Augusto Jiménez Sotelo about unrequired love. The song was usually uncredited in almost a dozen motion pictures, including the 1952 film ‘Flaming Feather’.

Side A: Adios, Mariquita Linda
Side B: Frenesi

Style:  Fox Trot / Jazz

Date Recorded: March 3, 1940

Composer: Marcos A. Jiménez

Lyricist: Ray Gilbert


Charted: In 1940 ‘Adios, Mariquita Linda’ charted for 1 week on Billboard reaching a high of #18

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Goodbye, cute Mariquita
I’m leaving because you
You don’t love me more
Such as I love you

Goodbye, chaparrita chula
I’m leaving
to those very distant lands
and I’ll never go back

Goodbye, life of my life
The cause of all my pain
The love of all my lovers
The fragrance of my flowers
I’ll leave you forever

Goodbye, cute Mariquita
I’m leaving
With the soul very sad
By the anguish and the pain
I go, because your indifferences
Have hurt without mercy and forever
My poor heart

Goodbye, my little white house
The cradle of all my lovers
When I look at you among the flowers
and singing my sorrows
I give you my last “good bye”.

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra


Label: Victor

Adios, Mariquita Linda - Artie Shaw and his Orchestra


Artie Shaw- Adios Mariquita Linda

Adios, Mariquita Linda - Flaming Feather - Artie Shaw

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